BCCDC Research Presentations

Oct 29 – Nov 2, 2018

  • DAA era care cascade for hepatitis C among people who inject drugs

Oct 24-27, 2017

  • Real-world Effectiveness of Sofosbuvir-based Regimens for Treatment of Hepatitis C Genotypes 1-3: BC Hepatitis Testers Cohort
  • Hepatitis C Virus Mortality Attribution by Birth Cohort: British Columbia Hepatitis Testers Cohort (BCHTC)

Oct 24-28, 2016

  • Role of Primary T-cell immunodeficiency and Hepatitis B co-infection on spontaneous clearance of Hepatitis C
  • Hepatitis C re-clearance and lack of cross-genotype immunity
  • Effect of OST and Psychotherapy on HIV risk among HCV infected individuals
  • Social disparities and co-evolution of HIV/HCV infections, mental disorders and substance use: the British Columbia Hepatitis Cohort (BCHTC)

Oct 22, 2015

  • The BC Hepatitis Testers Cohort (BC-HTC) – hepatitis C and related outcomes in BC

Nov 20, 2014

  • The BC Hepatitis Testers Cohort (BCHTC): a powerful tool for health and larger implications for the future Presentation Link